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cooling wet curtain


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cooling wet curtains To ensure the safety of livestock and poultry, it is really in front of us. The use of cooling curtains in summer should be noted:

The outside temperature is not higher than 25We don't need to cool the wet curtain, we can only use the fan to cool our chicken baby.

High temperature season, chicken When you are young, you should be cautious when cooling down. When the chicken is big, you should make full use of the natural advantages of large ventilation in summer. In the daytime, you have to work hard at night, because nighttime is an important time for compensatory growth in the chicken cluster, so that they can eat and drink enough to get tossed during the day.

cooling wet curtain daily The important node of the environmental control is that the ambient temperature is lower than 1525< pan="">degree. Starting the heating device requires less than 15degree;15degree to25 Between the degrees, using a good fan can basically create suitable temperature conditions for the chickens, the entrance to the small window is basically the same, the local temperature difference will not be too large, but in the During the nighttime low temperature period of the wet curtain and the fan end, attention should be paid to the details of the insulation and the windproof limit. 25 When outdoor warming It is relatively easy to keep the temperature with a cooling curtain, but if you start late, the temperature will soar and it will not be easy to lower.

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