Importance of cultured ventilation windows in the process of raising chickens


Ventilation is becoming more and more important for raising chickens. The method of chicken is ventilation and ventilation, which fully reflects the importance of the culture ventilation window in the chicken raising process.

Poorly ventilated chickens are sick quickly, and farmers do not know how to do it urgently

1. Whether the culture ventilation window is in normal use

The house is well ventilated. Farmers don't have to worry about it, there is a good harvest. The temperature of chicken body is closely related to each season. When the chicken is small, it is not easy to ventilate. It is really important to use the wind window.

The side wall ventilation window is tightly sealed, side-mounted, and the length can be customized. The air volume can be selected at will. The engineering is made of ABS plastic and PVC plastic. a good choice.

2.Whether the fan is in normal use

The fan adopts an automatic centrifugal device. When the fan is running, the flexible blinds can use a little wind and use the automatic centrifugal device to ensure the shutters are stably opened. Multiple turbines work together to reduce the temperature inside the house to the desired temperature in a short period of time.

Shandong Hailida Temperature Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has a long-term corrosion resistance, low fan blade noise, simple cleaning, high insulation strength and high safety factor. It is a modern industrial plant and livestock. A good choice for the industry.

    If you want to raise chickens, raise ventilation windows + fans, one can not be less!

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