FRP negative pressure fan

FRP negative pressure fan


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FRP negative pressure fan is a new type of ventilation equipment made of FRP material, because the outer frame of the fan is made of anti-corrosion fiberglass, and its working principle is achieved by vacuum ventilation. The purpose of air circulation, ventilation and cooling is called a FRP negative pressure fan. FRP negative pressure fan has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high air volume, low energy consumption, low speed and low noise.

From the appearance shape Points

1. Flared FRP negative pressure fan, the exhaust vent of the fan looks like Speaker shape, many people's image is called horn-shaped FRP negative pressure fan, the size is mainly: 146 * 3650px, 126 * 3150px, 106 * 2650px, 85 * 2125px and so on.

2, square fiberglass negative pressure fan, called it a square fiberglass negative pressure fan because the overall look of the fan It is a square, the size is mainly: 130 * 3250px, 113 * 2825px, 98 * 2450px, 80 * 2000px and so on.

From the transmission mode

1. Belt type FRP negative pressure fan: belt type speed is 370-450 rev / min, using Six-pole or four-pole aluminum shell motor protection class IP55 F-class insulation, low-speed product noise is relatively low.

2, straight-junction FRP negative pressure fan: direct motor mainly has 12 poles 450 rpm There are three types of 560 rpm, 10 poles, 660 rpm, and 12 poles. The 12-pole motor uses a lot of noise.

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