• feed line
    feed line

  • Disinfection

    The disinfection method with higher frequency of pig farms is disinfection with pigs. The frequency of emptying disinfection is relatively low. After all, the latter needs to transfer the whole pigs, which is more troublesome to operate. However, the disinfection of empty columns

  • Field
  • heat sink
    heat sink

  • feed trough
    feed trough

  • fecal board
    fecal board

  • heater

  • axial flow fan
    axial flow fan

    Agricultural and animal husbandry fan, also known as negative pressure fan, is a new type of axial flow fan, which belongs to axial flow fan. Because it is mainly used for vacuum ventilation cooling engineering, it is called a negative pressure fan. The negative pressure ventilat

  • Migging machine
    Migging machine

    The traditional knapsack sprayer has the problems of large droplets, poor atomization effect, serious heavy spray and leakage, etc. It not only wastes pesticides, but also affects the control effect, and is prone to phytotoxicity. A good spray machine to replace. In the past few

  • Material

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