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Feed cost accounts for 70% of the cost of raising pigs in the nursery and fattening stage

Considering the trough Type and number of pigs fed, we introduce the concept of a feeding position: one feeding position is the trough space occupied by a pig feeding.

This way we need to consider It is how to assess the quality of the food intake, and each feeding position can be used by several pigs.

< p=""> I, eating quality

1, Feeding Width

In order to protect the feeding space of pigs, the width of the feeding position is generally recommended. Take the shoulder width of the pig 1.1Feeding width of the feeding position=6.7(cm )*Body(kg)^0.33330kgcorresponding 520px,60kgCorrespondence655px,120kgcorresponding825px

< p=""> 2, feed intake deep

Recommended food intake depth: nursery pigs10-500px, finishing pig25-750px, conservation Fattening integration25-750px.

3, edge height < pan="">

Recommended edge feeding height: Conservation pigs5-250px, finishing pigs10-375px, conservation and fattening10-300px.

4, eating position There is no barrier between them

If you can do it 1.1The shoulder width is wide, and there is almost no fighting on the shoulder of the pig. The average block is about < span="" style="font-family:Calibri">7%19%The incidence of fighting. The experimental data also showed that there was little waste in the feed to the shoulder or head of the pig. This is why some experts do not recommend tube feeders.

for each feed For a few pigs, there are the following suggestions:

1, each level of dry trough can be fed 8-10 Head pig;

2, Each wet and dry feeder can feed 12head pig;< pan="">

3, tubular trough (more domestic) Adopt)PICThe advice given in the manual is per side11head pig, according to the trough The length is 51mm/head pig, which is actually more than our current trough Tube30-35

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