4 Reasons to give you the confidence to choose US

Set product sales, after-sales service in all, to provide a good temperature control equipment solutions.

Transportation conditions

Shandong Hai Rieter Temperature Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the main traffic route Qingzhou, where railways, highways, convenient transportation conditions, easy to transport products.

Product Rich

My company's products are rich, a full range, mainly main: ventilation equipment, humidification and cooling equipment, wet curtain production equipment, heating equipment.

Wide Application Rate

The company produces a wide range of products, mainly used in agriculture, flowers, animal husbandry, industrial plants, textiles, chemicals, medicine, grain, tea, timber and other industries.

Perfect service

The spirit of "quality first, integrity-based" purpose, in the manufacturing process of excellence, after-sale work speed to solve the problems arising from the use of customers in the process.