What to pay attention to when replacing livestock fan bearings


Always check the supply of livestock fan bearing lubricants. If the case leaks oil, tighten the end cap bolts slightly. Otherwise we may need to replace the new sealing packing.

When bearing lubricants are used normally, they should be replaced at least once every six months. When using for the first time, it should be replaced about 200 hours after use. The time for the second oil change should be within 1-2 months. After that, it should be checked once a week. If the lubricant does not deteriorate, the oil change can be increased to 2-4 months. When it is replaced, it has to be completed. Use the specified grade of lubricant and clean the old oil in the tank before adding new oil.

If you are replacing a livestock fan bearing, note the following:

Bearings and bearing housings must be kept clean before loading new bearings. The bearings are heated in oil at approximately 70-80 degrees Celsius and then loaded into the axle. Do not force assembly to avoid damage to the axle.

Maintenance and repair of remaining auxiliary equipment

Maintenance of supporting equipment, including motors, electric actuators, instruments, meters, etc., are described in detail in their respective operating instructions. These instructions are provided by different support manufacturers. Our manufacturer will randomly package these instructions for the user.

Maintenance of the fan when it is stopped

When the fan is stopped, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 °C, the residual water of the equipment and piping should be drained to avoid freezing damage to the equipment and piping.

Maintenance of animal husbandry fans for long-term parking and non-use

1) The main components such as bearings are coated with anti-rust oil to prevent rust.

2) The fan rotor is manually moved half a turn (180 degrees) every half month or so. Before moving, mark the end of the shaft so that after moving the rotor, the original vertex is at the bottom.

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