Intelligent temperature control box operation instructions


1. The intelligent temperature control box power supply is three-phase four-wire AC 380V/50Hz, (single point and two point temperature) The control box adopts single-phase two-wire 220V/50Hz), which is marked with NEUTRAL as zero line, marked with EARTH as the ground line, and the other three are phase lines. (Note: the zero line must be connected correctly, otherwise the instrument will be damaged) Power input The program must first input the total power supply, and then turn on the temperature control box switch. When the use is stopped, the intelligent temperature control box switch is turned off first, and then the total power supply is turned off.

2, panel part name

1) Measured value PV display (red)

*Display measured value (PV)  *Display parameter name      *Control loop abnormality representation

2)Setting value SV display (green)

*Display setting value SV      *Display parameter content      *Control loop anomaly indication


*Auto-tuning indicator (AT) (green), lit when auto-tuning is on


*Control output indicator (OUT) (green), light when control output is working

*Alarm output indicator (red), (AL1) Lights up when an alarm is output


4) Operation keys

*SET is the intelligent temperature control box setting function key  *∨ is the subtraction key   *∧ is the increment key

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