Simply introduce the fan curtain


Fan curtains are used to cool the curtains. It is widely used in China's agriculture and animal husbandry. It has the advantages of environmental protection, good effect and economical reliability.

Water curtain (wet curtain) is a special paper honeycomb structure material. Its working principle is the natural physical phenomenon of "water evaporation and heat absorption". That is, under the action of gravity, the water flows from top to bottom, forming a water film on the surface of the fan curtain (wet curtain) corrugated fiber. When the flowing air passes through the water curtain (wet curtain), a water film is formed. The evaporation of water absorbs the heat in the air and takes away a lot of latent heat, so that the humidity of the air passing through the water curtain (wet curtain) is lowered to achieve the purpose of cooling.

       The cooling process of the wet curtain cooling system is done on its core paper pad. There is a thin film of water on the surface of the corrugated fiber paper. When the outdoor dry hot air is sucked by the fan water curtain through the paper pad, the water on the water film absorbs the heat in the air and then evaporates into water vapor to allow the treated cold and humid air to enter. It is inside. This natural process is like the wind blowing over the water. The temperature at which the wet curtain can be lowered depends on the difference between the dry bulb temperature and the wet bulb temperature of the air at this time and the efficiency of the wet curtain. The cooling value is the product of the two. The cooling curtain cooling efficiency for stable operation is usually constant. It can be seen that the hotter the weather, the better the cooling effect of the wet curtain.

The fan curtain vents outward, reducing the indoor air pressure, making the indoor air thinner and forming a negative pressure zone. The air will compensate for the air pressure difference, creating a canyon airflow in and out zone. In practical applications, negative pressure fans are installed centrally on the greenhouse side. Through specific engineering design, ventilation speed and wind speed are designed as needed. All high heat, harmful gases and soot can be quickly discharged from the greenhouse, and the problem of poor ventilation can be solved once and for all. The greenhouse can be discharged from the negative pressure exhaust fan within a few seconds after the fan is turned on, and the doors and windows near the negative pressure fan are kept closed, and the air is allowed to flow into the greenhouse by compensating the doors and windows on the air inlet side. The air is arranged in a row and flows into the workshop in an orderly manner from the entrance to form a canyon airflow zone.

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