How to properly clean animal husbandry fans?


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Most livestock fans use water circulation to reduce the temperature in the livestock house, thus ensuring that the air in the livestock house is fresh and the temperature is appropriate. However, the air contains a lot of dust, and the livestock fan will have a lot of dust inside due to long hours of work, especially the filter screen of the fan, which affects its normal work. Therefore, users should always clean them. Here is the detailed process for cleaning the fans correctly.

1. Turn off the main power supply.

Before cleaning, turn off the main power of the fan to avoid danger when the control board is removed and someone does not know it.

2. Removal of the filter

Unscrew the filter on the filter, lift the filter up, and then pull the filter to the outside to remove the filter (wet curtain) The law is similar).

3.When cleaning

1 Carefully remove the eight filters (or wet curtain), soak and rinse with water (no chemicals can be placed to avoid corrosion of the wet curtain and filtration) Net, the water pressure should not be too high to avoid damaging the filter and the wet curtain);

2 Cover the animal husbandry fan with a plastic bag, connect the tap water to the spray pipe and the cleaning port, and rinse the water backwards with water. Sprinkle tube;

3 Rinse the bottom of the fan with clean water.

Step 4: Reassemble correctly after cleaning

After cleaning, reinstall the eight filters (or wet curtains) back into the fan.

4. Turn on the power

Reconnect the main power of the livestock fan and perform other operations after 5 minutes.

Note: Safety belts must be worn when working at heights.

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