Farming hot air stove reduces the production cost of the company


We We all know that the temperature suitable for the breeding industry is directly They are tied to their output value. The appropriate temperature can promote the growth of poultry and livestock, and also ensure the survival rate of poultry and livestock. Therefore, breeding hot air stove can solve this problem better.

Breeding hot stoves mainly Heat the air inside the duct. The heater consists of an electromagnetic heater, an electromagnetic hot air duct, a cabinet and a control system. The electromagnetic hot air pipe is a sunflower aluminum profile heat sink placed in a metal pipe, and the gap is filled with crystalline magnesium powder with good insulation and good thermal conductivity. The heating body is a seamless tube. When the power is turned on, the electric energy is converted into high-frequency oscillating magnetic energy by the high-frequency wire, and then the thermal energy is generated by the electromagnetic hot air pipe. The heat is expelled and then blown into the farm by the blower of the blower.

The cultured hot blast stove has the advantages of low power density per unit area, large heat exchange area, fast hot air output, direct heating of hot air, small volume, and convenient connection with air duct. There are three control methods: low temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature. The junction box is equipped with an over temperature control. The outlet is equipped with a double-point thermometer and the inlet is equipped with a pressure sensor. When the pressure suddenly rises or there is no pressure, the PLC control will stop heating the high temperature resistance wire.

The use of aquaculture stoves for heating in the aquaculture industry not only ensures temperature stability, but has also been used by a wide range of enterprises, greatly reducing the production costs of enterprises.

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