What are the risk factors involved in aquaculture?


Many people think that the breeding industry is relatively stable. In fact, the risk of breeding is not small. "There are thousands of homes, and the hair is not counted." In the breeding process, as long as one of the links is not done well, it is difficult to make money or even lose money. The following small series will tell you about the risk factors involved in the breeding industry?

First, the ideological concept is not correct

The aquaculture industry is not a profitable industry. Many people have seen the rich programs such as “get rich” and “get rich and have a good life”. A simple and profitable industry. In fact, friends who really engage in farming know that farming is a hard earning. If you want to enter the breeding industry, then you have to work hard and work hard.

Second, is the environment suitable?

The culture environment is divided into natural environment and human environment.

The natural environment is to see if animals are suitable for local climate. For example, fur animals are not suitable for breeding in the south. If the breeding survival rate is low and the quality of the fur cannot be guaranteed, it can only be cultured north of the north latitude 30; like bullfrogs and crayfish, it is not suitable for breeding in the northern region. Greatly increase the cost of farming.

The human environment is a local consumption habit. Take the white jade snail, although the nutritional value is high, the breeding cost is low, and the technology is simple, but there is no consumption habit in China, and it is not easy to sell when it is farmed.

3. Is the breeding site suitable?

The breeding ground is one of the basic conditions of the breeding project. We must decide the breeding project according to the conditions of the site, and we cannot blindly carry out farming. For example, ponds, lakes and other water sources, we will raise aquatic products or ducks and geese; in the agricultural areas, we will raise cattle and sheep; in the mountains, we will raise chickens or graze cattle and sheep. In addition, the selected breeding ground should also be away from the main road of transportation and convenient transportation, away from the slaughterhouse, away from the residential area, away from pollution, close to the water source, and can be energized.

Fourth, is there any source of feed?

Animals that eat whole concentrates like pigs and chickens are relatively easy to solve. The local feed is not enough to be transferred from large quantities in the field. The prices are similar. Some herbivore feeds such as cattle and sheep need to be stored in advance, because the roughage itself is cheap and bulky and can only be solved locally. The cost of transportation from the field is much higher than the cost of the feed itself. Can't draw.

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