Fan curtain system use precautions


Precautions for using the fan curtain system

1.Check before use

< p=""> (1) Check the operation of the fan motor and pump.

(2) The water level and water quality of the wet curtain pool, and whether there are impurities in the filter.

2. Precautions for use

(1) To avoid current overload, the fans are started one by one in groups.

(2) Turn on the pump and observe if the water curtain is normal.

(3) According to the flow situation, adjust the front switch of the wet curtain filter to control the flow rate, and the flow rate is required to decrease evenly.

(4) Adjust the upper and lower temperature limits of the thermostat, and automatically start and stop the fan water curtain to save energy and improve the life of the fan.

(5) Monitor the water storage in the wet curtain pool. Pay less than 1/3 when adding water.

(6) When the fan curtain is open, close the greenhouse door and window.

3. Precautions after use

The wet curtain fan system should pay attention to the daily use: turn off the fan after the pump stops for 30 minutes to ensure the wet curtain is wet; the wet curtain stops running. After that, check if the water in the tank is empty and avoid soaking it in the bottom of the wet curtain for a long time.

4. Post-repair matters

(1) The wet curtain pool should be cleaned at least once a week.

(2) Wet curtain pool water should be replaced at least once a week to prevent moss.

(3) The wet curtain filter is cleaned once a week. If the water quality suddenly deteriorates, the filter will be cleaned the next day after the water quality is improved.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to place objects around the wet curtain to avoid damage to the wet curtain.

(5) The top of the wet curtain pool must be covered to prevent contamination of the feed bag and other debris.

(6) Do not add bromine or chlorine to the water to avoid damage to the water curtain. A non-corrosive disinfectant such as “bactericide” may be added to the water.

(7) The green moss on the curtain of the fan can be removed with chemical crystals (trichloroisocyanate), 5 grams per ton of water, and recycled for about 24 hours.

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