Introduction to intelligent temperature control box temperature control system


Introduction to Intelligent Temperature Control Box Temperature Control System:

1. Using PIDD control technology, can Quickly and accurately control the temperature within ±0.5 °C. Unlike the general voltage switching method of the general PID, the PIDD phase angle heating basically does not turn off the power supply. It adjusts the output voltage when the phase angle changes, which can reduce the temperature fluctuation and Increase heater life.

2, output current 15A, applicable voltage 110V~240V, weekly rate 50HZ/60HZ, upper limit output power: 3600W (for countries with rated voltage of 240V): 1800W (for countries with rated voltage of 120V)

3. The sensor can be selected as a J-type or K-type thermocouple by setting.

4, intelligent temperature control box with thermocouple disconnection, positive and negative reverse, short circuit alarm and temperature is too high, too low alarm; temperature display unit can choose °C or °F;; through the up and down arrows The button sets the temperature and the temperature setting range is 0~500°C.

5. The power output percentage (%) can be set by switching from the button to the manual mode.

6. There are soft start mode, manual mode, and automatic mode. The soft-start mode protects the heater from short-circuiting the heater due to moisture.

7. There are two types of alarm modes: alarm bell and video display. This helps to remind the operator.

8. The temperature controller is equipped with a fuse for standard protection. If water leakage occurs in the production line, temperature controller, etc., a voltage will be generated in the thermocouple circuit, and the protection circuit generates a bias voltage. Potentially high currents are diverted from the T/C circuit and the fuse is turned off. Avoid damage to the components of the thermostat and safety.

9. When the power supply is not turned off, the intelligent temperature control box suddenly plugs in the components. The temperature controller delays heating the heating wire and reduces the current in the controller to prevent the occurrence of hazardous events.

10, thyristor short circuit protection. The thermostat has a two-way thyristor, which can be a temperature control box that cuts off the heater power when it is short-circuited. When the actual temperature exceeds the set point, the thermostat monitors the voltage of the heating coil and safely disconnects the power supply from the display error. Information that informs the operator before the heater is burned out.

11. It adopts slot design and is universal with world brand thermostat.

12, the intelligent temperature control box is equipped with over-pressure protection. If the meter is mistakenly connected to the 380VAC power supply, or the factory voltage is unstable, the power will be automatically cut off to protect the electronic components from being burnt.

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