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< p=""> The liquid feeding line is more integrated in the reclaiming, not blindly The whole material is used, and more is the combination of the base material and the green material. The feed transformed by the liquid feeding line has balanced nutrition and better taste. The digestibility of the pig is higher than that of the ordinary feed. 10%. And the liquid feeding system reduces the exposure of the feed during the passage of the feed pipe into the pig trough to avoid contamination of the feed by the environment.

Liquid feeding line There is a special feed temperature protection system. Whether it is snowy winter or the sun is high in the summer, the liquid feeding system can keep the temperature difference of the feed seasons small, provide good habits for pigs, and reduce the stress of pigs on feed. To a greater extent, the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases in pigs is reduced, and the survival rate is shortened to shorten the pig tailing period.

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