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       1.High temperature

      In the summer, in the case of direct exposure, in a car with good airtightness and slow air mobility Inside, the air inside the car is higher than the outside temperature2050-60degree. Therefore, in the summer, the conservative estimate in the tower is 50 degrees.

and the temperature of the feed storage Below 10°C, mold growth is slower than 30 Span style="font-family: Times New Roman"> °C grows rapidly, causing the feed quality to deteriorate rapidly. Among them, unsaturated fatty acids are easily oxidized and deteriorated under high temperature and high humidity. Therefore, the summer tower is the hardest hit area for improper storage of feed.


     ;  At present, most of the towers lack cleaning projects. For many years, the waste materials and materials are prone to mold under high temperature and high humidity conditions. Pig production poses a major hazard.


    ;   In the process of using the tower, excessive feed powder will be produced invisibly. Because the use of the tower requires a specific feed transport vehicle, in the process of transporting to the tray, it is necessary to go through as many as 4-5      4.Quality Accident

        If the quality of the tower is not up to standard or the foundation is unstable, it will easily cause the tower to collapse or even cause an accident during the summer heat of the rain and heat.

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