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After designing a heat sink, how to know the efficiency of this heat sink, how to calculate the power of the heat sink has always been a problem for designers. We will solve this kind of problem through simulation technology according to the actual situation.

< p=""> Ideal heat dissipation: When the thermal resistance of the heat sink is zero, The temperature at the radiator is equal, and the heat dissipation of the heat sink.

But in fact, we When doing the heat sink, in order to assemble, for the appearance and shape, etc., it has to be done very complicated. It is not so easy to solve the equation, such as the actual product, To find out its heat dissipation efficiency, it is very difficult to use conventional methods or experimental methods.

The lower the thermal conductivity ( 110<>), the lower the efficiency. It can be understood that when the thermal conductivity is small, the thermal resistance of the heat sink is increased, that is, the heat of the heat sink is not uniform, resulting in low heat dissipation efficiency, so the heat sink should be selected as high as possible.

The more convective heat transfer coefficient High (10>3), the heat dissipation efficiency of the heat sink is lower.

This conclusion is a bit Explain, the higher the convective heat transfer coefficient, the faster the heat dissipation, which is related to time; here, the efficiency of the heat sink is defined as the ratio of the actual heat dissipation to the ideal heat dissipation, and the steady-state heat dissipation analysis is studied. Span style="font-family: Times New Roman"> Time is irrelevant It can be understood that when the convective heat transfer coefficient increases, the heat sink itself It is too late to evenly distribute the temperature, the heat is immediately taken away by the air, and the uniformity of the temperature field of the heat sink is deteriorated, so the efficiency of the heat sink itself becomes low.

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