fecal board

fecal board


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< p=""> 1. First, the cement leakage board has a good effect, which can greatly reduce the manual cleaning pressure. Improve the environment of the pig pen, easy to clean and disinfect, and effectively improve the immunity of pigs. It can be used not only on large farms, but also on retail investors.

2.cement leaking The board has a strong compression and load carrying capacity to meet all load bearing requirements of the pig.

3.cement leaking Board, low price and long service life. This is unmatched by other materials.

4.cement leaking The board is green and corrosion resistant and has low maintenance costs. A large feature of cement leakage board is green and environmental protection. The cement leakage board has little damage to pig skin and will not be allergic. Resistance to corrosion and aging is another advantage. Based on this, its service life can be guaranteed 20 5.cement leaking The board can effectively reduce the ratio of meat to meat. We all know that feed accounts for the cost of farming 60%-80%, while cement leaks The board can reduce the feed of 2%-8%, equivalent to the cost of agriculture5%. Every peasant earns 5%.

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