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Installation and Use Precautions for Heaters:

1.The heater is a heat medium piping system, on the valve A return water branch heater should be installed and the piping system should be provided with a drain.

2.pipe The system is clean and can be connected to the heater. Each heater should have a drain valve.

3.Use warm When the fan is used, the hot water temperature should be maintained between 80-90Celsius, and not Below 75 degrees Celsius. The circulation of water must be such that the flow rate of the exhaust pipe reaches 0.2< span="" style="font-family:Calibri">/

4.heater The heat sink and other air passages must be kept clean.

5.heater Strongly combined with the pipeline. The sealing of the parts should be maintained and the flexibility of each adjustment device should be maintained.

6.heater Use 2-3 years later to chemically remove scale and drains. In order to reduce scale, the hot water used by the heater should be softened, and the water used by the heater must be softened. During the heating season, the piping system should be filled with water to reduce corrosion.

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