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The calculation method of the pig house field is worth a look


100* 2.3/52=5 5*5/1=25(The number of beds)< pan="">

Description: Average annual output per sow< pan="">2.3The nest. The level of a farm is 2.37wolf, the foreign calculation level is 2.4;year-round52Week;Three weeks weaning A total of 5;1 2.breeding house< pan="">

100*2.3/52=5 5*6/1=30(Number of Positioning Bars)

Description: Required after weaning5-7 Days(A farm level), generally 10(to 1Weekly Calculation); /span>Confirmation of pregnancy after breeding21-28Day, generally 35(to 4< span="" style="font-family: Times New Roman">Weekly calculation); Empty column disinfection Time1Week;1Week+4Week+1Week=6Week;1Head.

3.Pregnant House

230/52=5 5*12.3/1=62(Number of Positioning Bars < pan="">)

< span="" style="font-family:宋体"> Description: Feeding time during pregnancy is 114 days. Remove breeding house time4week, and in advance1Enter the birthing house during the week, plus 1 disinfection during the week. (114/7-4-1+1)=12.3;feeding in each column< pan="">1

4. Reserve Sow Number of columns

Reserve sow Number of columns=Quantity of the year/52*Background sow bar feeding time/40% (de facto big but30%), feeding in each column59week. (A farm was first raised in a large pig house170Day, isolation and rearing30Day, then rearing in the reserve bar30天,就养到230天配种.< span="" style="font-family:Calibri">)So, update the number of columns for the sow:100*30%/52*9/5=1 1< pan="">

5.Production of boars Number of columns

The present The ratio of male to female is 1:25(actually taken1:20)The ratio of male and female insemination is 1:100(actually taken1:40), the number of boars per column is 1100/20=5 ie5100/ 40=3 3 a column.

6. Reserve boar Number of columns

Basic boar Annual update rate is 50%, each column is raised1Head, the reserve boar is kept for 9Week(A farm feeding program).

7.Childcare Number

Nest average weaning< pan="">10Head, feeding in each column20Head. Raise to 25kg. 7span +1Week Disinfection=8Week230*10/52*8/20=18 /span>18Fields 8, fattening house number

(Do not consider survival rate)20 head. Raise to 100kg. 15+1Week Disinfection=16Week230*10/52*16/20=36 < pan="">ie36 Bit.

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