Looking at the development of poultry farming in the country from the change of culture ventilation window


The development of the scale field means an increase in the density of single-plant farming, which is ventilation And the control of the environment puts forward higher requirements, and the culture ventilation window is undoubtedly the main point of improvement and improvement of the ventilation mode.

Let’s take a look Several major characteristics of the breeding ventilation window.

1. Breeding ventilation windowFrom large open to miniaturized, from sliding window to flap window, from the perspective of the person to the perspective of the chicken Designing, this is also a significant feature to adapt to the change of chicken sheds to chicken houses, open transition to closed, low density to high density farming.

2.Fishing Ventilation Window The number of transitions from 1 a large roller blind to the side wall by several large The sliding window is then evolved by a series of small windows.

3.Installation location by Open to the inside.

4.culture ventilation window From the inlay to the outer wall to the inner wall of the house.

5. culture ventilation window From the open type to the plastic sheet to the roller blind, the sliding window transitions to the flap window.

6.Flip Window There is only a steering plate and no baffle transitions to both.

7.Farming outside the window Side transition from no bird net to anti-bird net


9.culture ventilation window From clear and non-shading to shaded and opaque materials.

10.Ventilated window The number of installations is from small to large, from large to small, and the installation position is from low to high.

11. outside the chicken house The position of the culture ventilating window is from no windshield to windshield, and the position of the windshield opening is installed from the downward large opening to the downward small opening.

12.culture ventilation window Operations are transitioned from manual to automated to intelligent.

It is farming These details of the ventilating window have changed, and the production performance of the poultry farming industry has been greatly improved.

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