culture ventilation window

culture ventilation window


Different widths of the house require different wind speeds. The wider the house, the greater the wind speed required to facilitate the flow of fresh cold air to the top of the house without falling down in the middle. In the case where the condition of opening one 36-type fan is unchanged, no matter how long the fan is opened, the opening of the culture ventilation window is larger, and the inlet wind speed is smaller.

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Example: 10*90*2.36台, side fan 3Taiwan (if no side fan is installed, add at the end of the house)136 small fan), breeding ventilation window52 one.

10米宽的鸡House needs2.4/second wind speed to keep fresh cold air flowing according to the ideal route. Open136 small fan, culture ventilation window to open12000/2.4/3600/52 /0.55*100=121.24999999999999px, considering the impact of air leakage at other locations, the actual opening of the culture ventilation window can be set to 112.5px.

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