Maintenance hot air stove maintenance instructions


Farming hot air stove has a uniform room temperature, and the temperature of the fire tube in the local heating mode is too high, and the young creatures are not close. The flue is treated with a sandwich duct, which greatly reduces the temperature and plays an important role in the balance and uniform room temperature. The cultured hot blast stove not only meets the high temperature requirements of local chickens, but also achieves the desired effect at room temperature, whether vertical or horizontal, throughout the house.

Farming hot stoves are highly efficient, energy efficient, and have high heat utilization: HB Hot air stove indoor air Fresh, the temperature can be adjusted freely:HBThe series of hot blast stoves can absorb indoor air as well as absorb fresh outdoor air. Hot air is fed into the room by heat exchange to control the ammonia concentration and air humidity in the poultry house. This kind of hot blast stove is easy to operate and maintain, with digital display and manual coal feeding function.

Everyone should know, Breeding hot blast stove is a kind of equipment in the main winter breeding and heating work. The use of this equipment provides the farmhouse with suitable temperature to ensure the normal life of poultry. However, since the equipment is exposed to the outside, a lot of dust will appear for a long time. Then, how long does it take to clean the hot air stove? Please see below.

Fish Breeze Heater Maintenance Instructions :

1.Working Open the valve at any time, discharge water to check the water quality, release part of the sewage, and keep the water clean.

2.Forbidden in voltage Start the motor when it is too high or too low, otherwise the motor will burn out.

3.Every batch of chicken After that, the cultured hot blast stove needs to be changed.

4.Long-term stop in winter Water should be used when it is used to prevent freezing.

5.No water Or run when there is water shortage, otherwise the inner body and water pipe part of the main unit will be burnt.

6.Long-term stop in summer Use enough water to prevent rust.

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