FRP negative pressure fan characteristics and ventilation times design


FRP negative pressure fanFeatures:

1.Aluminum shell fan motor made by foreign advanced technology. Long service life, stable operation and low noise.

2.Fan shell material Use 500FRP). It has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust and long service life. At the same time, the resonance phenomenon generated by a large amount of metal materials can be reduced.

3.According to the aerodynamic (airflow) principle, adopt CAD/CAMOptimize the design to create blades with reasonable angle, air volume and reasonable noise. The blades are made of fiberglass and will not age and deform. The matched motor is only 0.75KW.

4.Pneumatic blinds are Designed and manufactured according to the principle of no electrical flow, automatic switch and rain protection in the downstream.

5.风叶由Made of fiberglass, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant. Suitable for oil pollution, corrosion, high temperature gas, dust, high temperature places.

6.Negative pressure row The fan motor can work in harsh environments and has a long service life.

7.Free belt< pan="">-Makes no maintenance.

FRP negative pressure fan design Standard:

FRP negative pressure Calculation method for the number of fans:

Workshop volume (long × width × height) × ventilation times × hourly anti-corrosion exhaust fan (eg 42000cubes/hours)=The number of required air blowers installed in the workshop.

Installation site ventilation design :

1.Warehouse ( Hourly20次);

2.Sports and auditorium (hourly20-30次);

3.General Workshop(30-60< pan="">/Hour );

4.Special workshops, such as electroplating, chemicals, soot, aroma, steel structure workshops, etc. (60-120/hours. 1000m2 factory as an example. Workshop height4米, volume approx.4000cubic meters. Design criteria are calculated according to three special shop standards. The exhaust ventilation standard is hourly60. The total amount of exhaust on the first floor is approximately 4000X60=240000cubic meters. Such as design and installation 126*126cm CRP negative pressure fan (exhaust air volume is 4.210,000 cubic meters /hours, the number of ventilation units required to be installed is approximately 240000 Divided by42000=5.7台台According to this standard, the air in the workshop can be replaced once per 1

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