How to match the cooling fan curtain system, fan and water curtain?


The current breeding scale is gradually expanding. There are thousands of chicken houses and tens of thousands of chicken houses. Therefore, in the hot season, large-scale chicken farms should implement standardized aquaculture management. Otherwise, Not only does the production performance drop significantly, but even the survival of the flock is a problem. In this paper, the detailed calculation of the scaled chicken house cooling fan and the water curtain in the summer is introduced in detail, which is worth learning.

< p=""> 1.Detect the tightness of the house, focusing on the inspection of the fecal exit without sealing measures, This is critical. If there are no airtight measures, it will cause short circuit of ventilation, which will greatly reduce the ventilation efficiency.

2.Computing the fan Is the quantity sufficient? According to the farm I visited 80%the number of farm fans is Insufficient, so the fan can be increased to increase the number of fans. If it is not good, the fan can be added from the rear side of the house. The specific calculation method can refer to the following calculation method.

Calculate summer house needs Maximum ventilation

Airflow =Average Weight (kg)*Chickens*Maximum ventilation. For example: 2601.5kg, the number of cultures is 10000< span="" style="font-family:宋体">only, then every 5minutes Ventilation required=1.5×10000×0.155X5=116250.155cubic meters/minutes

The number of cooling fans

Use9FHS-140Diameter1.4Min extension, exhaust air volume is 1000 Cubes/ minutes, the amount of ventilation required in the house is 11625, then the number of fans required is: Number of fans=Airflow/Fan power=11625/1000=11.625 12

Opening Cooling Fan Ratio

The amount of ventilation required in the house 11625 cubic meters, calculate the percentage rate of turning on the fan. For example, use 12one diameter is 1.4米风机(1000cubic meters/minutes, the exhaust air volume is < pan="">12000cubes /=ventilation/ total fan exhaust volume*80%=11625/12000< pan="">×80%=77.5%

< p=""> cooling fan on/off time

< p=""> Time Control is 5minute system. The number of fans required is 5×60=300Change the air in the second, set the clock to 5minutes a loop,5The working hours of the fan in minutes is 5×60×77.5% =233seconds, ie12台直径为1.4米(1000cube /233seconds, downtime is 300-233=67< pan=""> seconds.

but in actual production The maximum ventilation of the house that has been accounted for needs to be properly adjusted according to the size and performance of the chicken. Because of the fixed ventilation and the resulting cooling effect, the effect of cooling the body is small, and the body temperature is reduced. It will become smaller. At the same time, when the temperature is low, the body temperature cooling effect is large, and when the temperature is high, the body temperature cooling effect is small. The performance of the chickens near the air inlet to the air inlet is also different. This requires detailed observation during production. If necessary, adjust the area of the air inlet or the number of cooling fans at the air outlet.

Is the area of the wet curtain Sufficient, the wet curtain area is the same as the number of cooling fans. 80%The wet curtain area of the farm is seriously insufficient. The specific calculation method is: wet curtain area < pan="">=Fan Exhaust Area ×2.5-3 It should be noted that the area of the wet curtain should be increased as much as possible.

Water supply for wet curtains Change, everyone thinks that the direct use of groundwater cooling effect will be better, in fact, the opposite, 35 Control the temperature of the house, Create a suitable living environment for the flock. Conditional installation of fixed or rotatable sprinklers on the roof, timed water spray cooling (can cool down the house)510°C); so that the chicken body can dissipate heat. In short, in the summer to ensure that the temperature of the house does not exceed 32°C, so that the chickens do not breathe more than. When the cooling fan curtain humidifies the house, the humidity also affects the body temperature of the chicken.

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