Introduction to temperature control system of intelligent temperature control box


  Introduction to Intelligent temperature control box temperature control system:

1UsingPIDDControl technology to quickly and accurately control the temperature in ±0.5Within the ℃, with the generalPidThe full voltage switching method is different,PIDDPhase angle heating basically does not close the power supply, it adjusts the output voltage when the phase angle changes, can reduce the fluctuation of the low temperature and prolong the life of the heater.

2, Output current15A, Applicable voltage110V~240V, Weekly rate50HZ/60HZ, Large output power:3600W(The applicable rated voltage is240VAreas):1800W(Suitable for rated voltage for120VOf the region)

3, The sensor can be selected by setting theJType orKType thermocouple.

4, Intelligent temperature Control box with thermocouple disconnect, positive and negative connection, short-circuit alarm and temperature too high, too low alarm; temperature display unit can choose ℃ or ℉; Set the temperature through the upper and lower arrow buttons, the temperature setting range is0~500℃.

5, You can switch from the key to the manual mode to set the power output percentage.

6, Soft start mode, manual mode, automatic mode. The function of the soft start mode is to protect the heater from causing a short circuit to burn the heater due to moisture.

7, Alarm mode has alarm, video display two kinds, work is conducive to remind operators.

8Intelligent Temperature Control BoxEquipped with a fuse for standard protection, if the production of leaks to the line, thermostat and other conditions, thermocouple circuit will produce voltage, at this time the protection circuit produces bias, potential high current fromT/CTransfer in the circuit and cut off the fuse. Avoid damage to the thermostat parts and other accidents.

9, The thermostat in the case of the power supply has not been closed, the sudden insertion of parts, the thermostat will delay the heating of the heat wire, reduce the current in the controller, to prevent the occurrence of harmful events.

10, SCR short-circuit protection. Intelligent temperature Control box has bidirectional SCR, it can be a temperature control box in its short circuit to cut off the heater power supply, when the actual temperature exceeds the set point, the intelligent temperature control box will monitor the voltage of the heating ring, and disconnect the power supply display error message, before the heater is burned out to notify the operator.

11, The use of slot design and domestic and foreign well-known brand thermostat general.

12, Intelligent temperature control box set with ultra-pressure protection, if this table mistakenly connected to380VACPower supply, or factory voltage instability will automatically cut off the power supply to protect electronic components from being burned.

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