Farming and ventilation fan ventilation points, how much do you know?


Due to the unreasonable design of the house, the use process often appears in the later stages. some problems. What should I do at this time? Proper use and control of the ventilation system is also critical and cannot be ignored. Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce some of the problems and solutions that are often encountered in modern chicken farms.

1.Disposal of waste heat

taboo farm Pasture fan There are many inlet fans and small air inlets. This will lead to less air in the air, forming a high negative pressure and anoxic, which will cause the chicken house to be stuffy. If the wind speed is fast, the chicken will be caused. The group is susceptible to cold. In particular, the front end of the wind is less likely to form a windless area.

2.chicken house temperature difference

In the process of ventilation, It can reduce the surface of the tuyere to prevent the wind from sinking, especially reduce the area of the end tuyere, so that the wind speed is accelerated and discharged as soon as possible. The length of the house is controlled within 120 meters, or you can add a booster fan in the middle.

3.Side Fan Settings

just said In the process of ventilation construction of the chicken house, the setting of the side fan of the farm animal husbandry fan is particularly important. The side fan is used for insulation and ventilation. In order to prevent the ventilation of the chicks from being too large, cold stress may occur. If the house is small and the ventilation is properly handled, it is also considered that there is no side fan.

4.Wind speed slow down Poor effect

Generally forming wind speed Slow, the reason for the cooling effect is worse. There are obstacles in the air duct to block the wind. This person needs to avoid it. Followed by the air outlet, the blades of agricultural and animal husbandry, the ash and ash are not clean, affecting the wind speed, and the rusting of the fan is not working, the belt is too loose, and the power should not be reached. Therefore, when designing the ventilation of the chicken house, it is very important to choose the regular brand of farm animal husbandry fan and daily maintenance.

5.Sensual temperature and Humidity

humidity and wind speed Cooling is very critical. Humidity and high wind speed will affect heat dissipation. There must be sufficient wind speed for cooling.="span style="font-family: Times New Roman">The ambient temperature is too high, the water temperature is high, and it is difficult to cool down. You can take the temperature of the precipitation, sunscreen, and cool down with ice bricks when needed.

6.Nitrogen over standard< pan="">

General, experienced breeding Before the concentration of ammonia gas will affect the growth performance of the chicken to a certain extent, it will be able to recognize the presence of ammonia gas and ensure the ventilation of the farm animal husbandry fan to keep the pad dry. The general criteria for determining the ammonia concentration in a broiler house are: 10-15ppm: smells ammonia smelling;25-35ppm: Start irritating eyes and runny nose;50ppm : The eyes of the chicken are weeping and inflamed;75ppm: The chicken's head twitches.

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