Farming ventilation window is open to get


      Different widths of the house require different wind speeds. The wider the house, the more culture ventilation window, the greater the wind speed, so that fresh cold air flows to the top of the house without Fall down in advance.

      Under the condition that one 36 type fan is turned on, no matter how long the fan is opened, the opening of the culture ventilation window is larger, and the inlet wind speed is smaller.

      For example: 10*90*2.3 chicken house, 6 large fans, 3 side fans (if no side fan is installed, add one 36 at the end of the chicken house) Type small fan), 52 ventilation windows.

      The 10m wide house requires 2.4m/s wind speed to keep fresh cold air flowing according to the ideal route. Open a 36 type small fan, the ventilation window should be opened 12000/2.4/3600/52/0.55*100=4.85cm. Considering the air leakage effect at other locations, the actual opening can be set to 4.5cm.

      At this time, the outdoor 5 degree cold air flows to the top of the chicken house under the driving of the wind speed to mix with the hot air, and then settles to the ground, the temperature of the air flow reaches 20 degrees, will not cause cold stress in chickens.

      Recently, during the process of visiting the farmers, the author has encountered some unexplained respiratory symptoms, such as mycoplasma and rhinitis, and severe flu symptoms and even infectious laryngotracheal tubes. inflammation.

      The occurrence of these diseases has brought great threats to the health of the flock, which has caused great losses to our aquaculture production. The author carefully analyzed the situation of the farmers who had developed the disease, and found that the occurrence of these symptoms has a lot to do with "winding the window." It’s not that everyone dares not to open a ventilated window, but to open a window.

      The culture vents of most of our farmers are either old-fashioned windows or vents on the side walls. The spring wind is large, and the wind direction changes rapidly. It is easy to cause the thief wind entering the chicken house from the ventilation window, which causes the chicken to develop.

      Or some farmers’ culture ventilation windows are like this:

      The window opens to the inside but the air inlet is down, so When the wind is blowing straight, the flock of the window is easy to catch a cold.

      Let’s take a look at the cultured ventilation window that uses mechanical ventilation on a large-scale farm: the small window opens inward, the window is up, and there is a baffle. This is the correct way to open the louver. According to the correct principle and the actual situation of our own chicken house, our vast number of farmers have designed a ventilation window like the following: Although the window is open outward, a deflector is placed on the inside to enter the house. The airflow will go up along the deflector, mix with the hotter air above the house, and then fall down, so as not to cause the thief wind phenomenon caused by sudden changes in wind direction.

      Therefore, you should set up a suitable ventilating window diversion device according to the actual situation of your hen house to avoid the situation of thief wind blowing chicken and reducing spring respiratory disease. occur.

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