The requirements for vertical ventilation of Qingzhou Fans


Longitudinal ventilation: Use Qingzhou Fan The principle of air cooling makes the temperature of the house reach or approach the expected ventilation temperature. There are three ways to cool down in summer: wet curtain cooling, ventilation cooling, increasing the air velocity of the chicken back, and reducing the body temperature. Breathe at least 60 times per hour during the summer, and breathe in the house within 1 minute. The upper limit of the house is 3m/s. For example: the length of the house is 100 meters, the width is 12 meters, the height is 3.8m, the height of the ridge is 1.5m, the volume of the house is 5640m, the ventilation demand is 5640m? × 60 minutes / hour = 338400 cubic meters / hour. Qingzhou fan with an exhaust air volume of 36,000 cubic meters per hour, the number of required fans = 338,400 cubic meters / hour ÷ 36,000 cubic meters / hour = 9.4 in the calculation of the air volume in the actual house, the total air volume should be added with a safety factor In addition, according to the size of the chicken house, it is necessary to increase 1-2 sets of standby Qingzhou fans.

In order to achieve a better effect of longitudinal ventilation, it should be done:

1. The air inlet is located in the chicken house as far as possible at the opposite end of the Qingzhou fan;

< p=""> 2. Close the side wall of the house, there must be no other openings or air leakage holes in the house, otherwise it will affect the flow and flow rate of the air inside the house.

3. Ensure that the air inlet is large enough to meet the needs of the Qingzhou fan to achieve normal function;

4. The opening opposite the fan (such as the door) can be opened to allow air to enter The chicken house is flowing. There should be no pressure difference inside and outside the simple vertical ventilation house. If vertical ventilation is used in dark or farm houses, in order to better control the light, the house should be in a cool place and the house should be under negative pressure. In this case, intake air should be used. It should be at least equal to the area occupied by the fan. At the same time, due to the resistance of the wind pressure to the fan, the ventilation should be increased by 10-20%, and attention should be paid to the ability of the fan blades, sash blades and sunshade to accumulate dust and dirt to reduce the airflow by 50-75%.

5. Use vertical ventilation during hot summers and try not to use them during cold seasons. If the number of fans required to control the room temperature is too small, it will cause accumulation of harmful substances in the air. Therefore, the use of horizontal ventilation in winter can improve indoor air quality.

6. If the air does not flow evenly within the house, the birds will gather in a more comfortable area.

7. Ensure that the ventilation of the fan in the house is sufficient, and the cleaning of the Qingzhou fan is normal.

8. Check that there should be no air leakage on both sides of the house. If the curtain is used, the curtain should be tightly closed and air should not be allowed to enter or sagging.

9. Regularly measure the air flow rate in the house. In the middle of the house, the air flow rate above the chicken is at least not less than 1.67 m / s.

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