What needs to be done before the wind blows in the breeding hot air stove


Aquaculture stove equipment is a device that is mainly used for warming in the aquaculture industry. The use of this equipment enables poultry to be safe. Winter. So, what do we need to do before the wind is stopped when we use the hot air stove? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1. A series of measures such as the development of the edge before the furnace is closed to ensure stable and smooth conditions, the furnace is active, the furnace temperature is abundant, and the collapse and suspension are avoided.

2, before the furnace is sealed, fluorite should be added to clean the hearth to eliminate the accumulation of the hearth.

3, the alkalinity of the slag before sealing the furnace should not be too high, the limestone dosage can be appropriately reduced, and a small amount of manganese ore can be added to maintain the slag alkalinity of 1.00-1.05 and the slag (MnO) content of 1.0%. -2.0% to ensure sufficient slag fluidity.

4. Replace the damaged wind and slag mouth in time, and close the inlet and outlet water to the burnt-out cooling wall to prevent leakage into the furnace.

5. When the sealing material reaches the plane of the tuyere, it can be closed according to the long-term wind program.

6. The top surface of the cultured hot blast stove is filled with slag (or mineral powder) to prevent the coke from burning.

7. Appropriately increase the angle of the iron mouth before sealing the furnace, especially in the last iron, increase the angle of the iron mouth to 14 degrees, and then block the air after blowing the whole wind to ensure the wind before the wind The slag iron is cleaned, and the remaining slag iron in the hearth is largely reduced.

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