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Guidelines for Cooling Wet Curtains for Summer Broiler Chicken Houses


1. The ambient temperature is higher than the temperature required by the house, and the upper limit of the flock is achieved by increasing the ventilation.

When the wind speed is increased, the temperature of the house is still rising.

2. The humidity in the house is between 50-65.

3. In the case that the flock has adapted to the current wind speed, it is still very hot.

The above three conditions are indispensable. Blind opening of the water curtain and improper operation may cause adverse consequences.

Second, this situation is not recommended for water curtains

Rainy weather, the external humidity is very high, the water curtain evaporation is slow; for the water vapor entering the chicken house, the humidity of the house is too high. Heat stress index = 1.8 * temperature + 32 + relative humidity value to 155 is the critical value.

160 began to reduce feed intake, drinking water, and reduced productivity.

More than 165 heart and lung vascular system injuries, death.

It can be seen from the public notice that in the rainy weather, the relative humidity of the house is the main factor of the heat stress index.

Third, the water curtain opening operation steps

1, calculate the number of fans to open the cooling curtain, the purpose of the beginning is to keep the temperature of the house does not rise, remember Can not drop more than 2 degrees.

2. Calculate the wind speed required to maintain the somatosensory temperature, the number of fans, and the negative pressure does not exceed 18. The general standard is that the number of fan starts does not exceed 70% of the total number. The difference between cage chicken and net culture and land is wind speed. The upper limit of wind speed in cage is 70% of the wind speed of the aisle.

3, the wet water curtain with intermittent watering, the first use of each water does not exceed 1/3, the next cycle is completed after evaporation. The watering time control is from 1/3--1/2--completely wet, the side window adjustment order corresponds to 0--1/2--all closed, and the temperature of the cooling curtain is 30%--45%- -75%--all enter the vertical ventilation mode.

4. When the external humidity is high, the air can be cooled by the long water flowing through the water curtain. At this time, the cooling is not the evaporation endothermic, but the air temperature is reduced by the heat conduction. The water temperature should be lower and the effect is better. This method should strictly observe the humidity changes in the house.

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